Coiled Tubing Injector Arches

Coiled Tubing Injector Arch

The Coil Solutions Injector Arch (Gooseneck) design allows for profile rollers to be used on all coil sizes up to 3.5″ OD (60″ & 72″ Arches excluded). 

This feature will help to significantly reduce the amount of fatigue on coil versus “v” rollers.

  •  Engineered for safety as per Standards
  • Can be used with profile or “v” rollers
  • Straight, single side, single down or double side fold options available on select arches
  • 60″ through 120″ available
  • Hydraulic, mechanical or mechanical assist fold models

  • Load rated arches for safety
  • Adaptable for clients equipment needs
  • Designed for dependability
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