Helix Multi Stimulation Technology

Helix Tool

The principal of the Helix tool is to manipulate fluids, gases or mixtures in order to produce dynamic turbulent flow while conducting cleanout operations to remove scale, paraffin, sands and other debris from the tubing, casing and near-wellbore damage which may have been caused naturally or mechanically during the life of a well.

The Helix technology is very effective in both Coil Tubing Operations and Rig Work-Over Operations (Pulling Rig). The technology is implemented to enhance the effect of water, nitrogen, acidizing, solvents, surfactants and other chemicals that are utilized during work-over operations.

  • No moving parts or elastomers
  • Robust design
  • Short bottom-hole assembly applications
  • High tensile loads
  • Can be used with industry extended reach tools
  • High temperature friendly
  • Compatible in most chemical and fluid environments
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