CSI Selective Perforating Tool

CSI Selective Perforating Tool

The Coil Solutions SELECTIVE PERFORATING TOOL is designed to increase efficiency during abrasive perforating, especially multi-stage fracturing operations. Flow can be selectively diverted from the straight-through path of the BHA to the abrasive jetting housing and back to the straight-through path again. The changing between modes is possible an unlimited number of times utilizing a single (conventional) direction of flow. This allows the use of standard double flapper check valves in the BHA for improved safety when used on live well interventions, while still permitting two BHA modes that previously required two directions of flow to enable.

  • Various casing and tubing sizes
  • Unlimited function of tool
  • Tools for all well conditions
  • Ease of passage through restrictions and prevents sticking
  • Can be adapted to existing bottom hole assemblies
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