CSI Max Force Jar

CSI Max Force Jar

The Max Force Jar is designed as a bi-directional jar that can be modified to impact only upwards or downwards if required by the application.

It can give an upward and downward impact on the Bottom hole assembly. The Jar can be dressed to impact upward only or downward only for those high-risk situations.

The Coil Solutions Jar is shorter than most jars in today’s market without compromising any functions or strength of the tool, this makes it ideal for milling, drilling and fishing in vertical and horizontal wells. The Jars advanced sealing technology is key to hot – hole applications. The anti-rotational section in the Coil Solutions Jar can withstand high torque and high tensile ratings for today’s operations.

Our Jar is manufactured with the highest quality materials and has gone through vigorous testing in and out of the field to provide the best performance for our customers.

  • Bi-Directional
  • Can be dressed to impact upward only or downward only on bottom hole assembly
  • Advanced sealing technology
  • Shorter in length
  • High torque

  • Multiple jarring
  • Custom build for high risk situations
  • Hot hole applications
  • Shorter lubricator lengths needed
  • Used for milling, drilling, fishing and other service jobs
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