Hammerhead Disconnect



The Coil Solutions Hammerhead Disconnect was designed to separate itself from the remainder of the tool string when jarring and pulling was insufficient to release immobilized tools.

This tool enables the operator to drop a ball and pressure up to disengage the tool from the remaining tools of a stuck tool string. The tool can handle high torque loads, heavy jarring and straight pulling without affecting the release mechanism. Circulating a drop ball to the disconnect and applying pressure shears predetermined brass screws. This removes the upper section of the disconnect from the lower portion leaving a standard fishing neck for retrieval of the stuck BHA.
Robust design
Standard GS profile
Balanced piston design for perforating jobs
Large bore
Can be used for milling, drilling, fishing and heavy duty service applications
High tensile loads
Short bottom hole assembly applications
Can be used with industry extended reach tools


Download our spec sheet below.
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