Tri Circulation Sub

Tri Circulation Sub

Designed to raise circulation higher in the Bottom Hole Assembly if that circulation is lost.

The Coil Solutions Inc. Ball Drop Circulation Subs are designed to provide an avenue to regain circulation higher in the Bottom hole assembly, in the event circulation is lost. The Circulation Sub can be placed at any desired point in the Bottom hole assembly and can be run with Jars and Reach Tools.

This ball drop Circulation Sub was designed for a reliable performance in high torque, N2 and fluid based applications. The tool features quick and efficient redressing in order to keep pace with today’s coil industry.

  • High torque applications
  • N2 and fluid compatible
  • Can be used with agitation tools and jars
  • Ball drop circ sub
  • Over pressure possible
  • Dual option available with the use of rupture disc
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