Tandem Flapper Check Valve

Tandem Flapper Check Valve

The Tandem Flapper Check Valves feature an industry standard dual valve configuration that prevents pressure and fluid flow-back.

The Coil Solutions Tandem Flapper Check Valve has two rugged and high-pressure flapper check valves that are designed to take on all downhole environments.

Check Valves are an integral part of the well control system and are required to be run in the coiled tubing string for all applications. With the single exception that they may be left out of the string, where they prohibit performance of the intended operation (i.e., reverse cement circulation, flow back of coil frac treatments, hanging strings). It should be noted that the presence of a check valve can put the coil in a collapse condition if the coil is run in hole with the pumps off.

  • Dual flapper cartridges
  • Viton, HSN or Teflon flapper deals
  • H2S compatible
  • Designed for ball drop applications
  • Easy cartridge removal and redress

  • Low and high-pressure applications
  • Well conditions choice of flapper seals
  • Standard build
  • Built for shifting tools below check valve
  • Minimal downtime
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