Slip Dimple Coil Connector

Slip Dimple Coil Connector

The Coil Solutions Slip Dimple Coil Connector was designed to attach the bottom hole assembly to the end of the coil. The slips ensure that the axial load is transferred onto the coil.

The Slip Dimple Connector consists of a top sub, slip, brass ring and a bottom sub with the desired connection. The dressed coil is stabbed into the connector and the bottom sub is rotated to start the tightening process. An over pull is taken to set the slips further and fit the set screws.

  • Torque and vibration compatible
  • Wrench slots for positive grip
  • High torque and tensile design
  • Versatile use for milling, drilling, fracturing, etc.
  • Multiple sizes of coil
  • Connections to suit bottom hole assembly requirements
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