Motorhead Assembly

Motorhead Assembly

The Motorhead Assembly combines our tandem flapper check valve, hydraulic disconnect, hydraulic circulation sub, high torque anti-rotational subs and burst disc in one complete tool assembly.

The Coil Solutions Motor Head Assembly was designed with industry standards in mind. This tool was built for high torque, short Bottom hole assembly applications; easy & short redress time to accommodate today’s fast paced industry.

The Motorhead Assembly is a combination of a Tandem Flapper Check Valve for well control, a Hydraulic Disconnect to allow separation from tool string with high torque anti-rotational capability and a Hydraulic Circulation Sub to help remove debris from around tool string. There is also an option for a burst disc to open the tool to the wellbore if circulation is lost.

  • Above industry vibration and torque resistance
  • Circulation sub
  • Tandem Flapper Check Valve
  • Balanced piston design
  • Above industry standard tensile strength and ability
  • Standard GS Profile

  • Used with agitation tools, jars, drilling, milling and perforating guns
  • Fluid circulation out of hole
  • Well control after disconnecting
  • Ensure premature separation does not occur
  • Compatible with jointed pipe applications
  • Industry fishing tool capability
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