Extended Reach Tool

Extended Reach Tool

The Coil Solutions Extended Reach Tool (patent pending), has been engineered with an emphasis on the following functions:

Minimizing stick slip reaction and the ability to provide constant weight on bit for drilling and milling applications.

Consistent and reliable extend performance for all extended reach applications in vertical, deviated and horizontal well bores.

Gentle on the Bottom Hole Assembly, the Extended Reach Tool eliminates the side to side motion of other vibrating tools, reducing stress on tools and joints; while still effectively reducing friction between the coiled tubing well bore.

  • Consistent weight on bit
  • High frequency vibrations
  • Low operational rate and high flow rate
  • CT vertical and horizontal extended reach services
  • Bottom hole assembly friendly
  • Nitrogen and Multi fluid compatible
  • High heat range

  • Less bit wear
  • Friction and drag are greatly reduced
  • More power to the motor
  • Drilling/Milling: Minimizing stick slip reaction
  • Gentle on downhole tools and joints while still reducing friction between the Ct and well bore
  • No special mediums needed
    Change in well temperature has minimal effect on tool performance
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