CSI Automatic Flow Diverter Tool

CSI Automatic Flow Diverter Tool

The Coil Solutions Automatic Flow Diverter is designed to increase efficiency during cleanout or milling/drilling applications. Flow can be selectively diverted from the straight-through path of the BHA to the backport jet housing and back to the straight-through path again. The changing between modes is possible an unlimited number of times utilizing a single (conventional) direction of flow. This allows maximum flow to increase lift and remove any debris from the well in less time. The tool also allows the path of fluid to be switched from forward to rear facing helping to ensure that any debris is in the returns and not pushed below the tool.

  • Various casing and tubing sizes
  • Unlimited function of tool
  • Tools for all well conditions
  • Ease of passage through restrictions and prevents sticking
  • Can be adapted to existing bottom hole assemblies
  • Controlled Flow thru the motor while back jetting
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