Downhole Tool Surface Equipment

We supply surface equipment accessories for all your coil tubing operations. These include connecting large coil tubing together for reel to reel spooling, coil tubing stabbing operations, BHA pull testing, BHA pressure testing, large bore window for BHA deployment, and more.

Drain Sub

Used to run a ball through the coil to check for ID measurements. It allows the ball to be caught so the fluid can bypass the ball.View Product


We provide a range of grapple connectors for a wide range of applications. The Knuckle design feature allows for flexibility when needing to pass through the gooseneck and injector without having to disconnect.View Product

Miscellaneous Downhole Tools

From completion nipples to clamps, we have all the downhole tools you require in a variety of sizes for your operations.View Product

Pull Test Plate

Accommodates high tensile connector and Bottom Hole Assembly pull tests. Can be adapted to all external connectors.View Product

Seam Remover

Used to remove coil tubing seams to allow the insertion of internal dimple connectors.View Product

Slide Hammer

Our rugged Slide Hammer tool has been built to take on all jobs requiring hammering action while installing or uninstalling coil tubing tools.View Product

Test Subs

Versatile and Rugged Pull/Pressure Test Sub to check for static leaks on tool before entering the well.View Product