Coil Solutions is growing, and we are seeking people to grow with us.

We are looking for positive and adaptable people with a keen interest in working with innovative intervention technologies.

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Our culture, your career

We aim to build a culture where all members are motivated to help build the success of the company. The company is driven by three main principles: Quality, Service and Innovation. We know that to deliver these goals, we need to foster an environment where employees feel committed, engaged and inspired.


Current Openings

We currently do not have any job openings, however we still encourage you to send your resume in! 

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Being Part of Coil's Team

When we asked Coil Solutions employees to describe the company culture here, they told us the following:

“The company really encourages innovation, and it’s good to be a part of a creative process.”

“It’s a collaborative culture, where we work together and support each other as a team.”

“Every week we’re working with some of the most cutting-edge technologies and solving customers’ unique challenges.”

“Management style is hands-on and the CEO’s door is always open. New ideas are positively welcomed, and everyone is encouraged to get involved.”

Employee Profiles

Why Work for Coil Solutions?

Over the last 11 years, Coil Solutions has consistently grown our business by staying true to the core values that have built the company’s success. These are combining engineering expertise and product excellence with a focus on delivering optimum customer service, a stringent quality management system and a culture of innovation.


We know that our greatest asset is the people who have helped to build our company’s brand. We believe that our culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration provides an ideal environment for our employees to grow and realise their full potential. We continually encourage our employees to step up to challenging technical projects for our clients and create value.

With offices in Canada and the US and our global operations expanding daily, we offer our employees opportunities for mobility across careers and geographies. We offer a company-wide talent management process, that actively promotes professional growth and development. We are committed to diversity in the workplace.