The satisfaction of our clients is reaffirmed by their repeat business and referrals. Our business has been built on referrals and customer recommendations. A good example of this is our line of injectors. We have sold over 150 injectors in the past 3 years. The reason for this success is the great performance of the product and the low cost of maintenance. Our customers are consistently obtaining over 2 million metres between service intervals – 3 times that of our major competitors.

We have built our business on customer satisfaction and they are our best sales team. Our list of clients is a testament to our high-quality products and our commitment to Customer Service.

Iron Horse Energy Services has been using Coil Solutions' products and services for many years, and we are impressed with the speed, efficiency and quality of all facets of their line of service and products, from large equipment to equipment repair and inspection. Based on our experience of numerous well locations across Western Canada, we can confidently recommend Coil Solutions' products and services for a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

Brendon Hamilton

Chief Assets Officer
Iron Horse Energy Services

We have had several injectors go past the 1 million meter mark with a peak meterage of 1.3 million. That is more than a 6-fold improvement from the old design. The bonus to this is O failures while in the well which has translated to a huge drop in tubing damage. The lack of need to replace tubing played a part in our reel trucker shutting down his business, the durability of the injector has more impact on business than the direct cost of repairing and maintaining the injector itself.

Brent Sharp

General Manager
Essential Coil Well Service

STEP has been utilizing Coil Solutions' 130K injector heads to carry out consistently successful downhole operations since STEP's inception in 2011. Based on our experience with numerous well locations throughout Western Canada, STEP can very confidently recommend CSI's injectors for a wide range of coiled tubing applications and operating conditions.

Steve Glanville

VP Operations and Chief Operating Officer
STEP Energy Services

Mothers Thru-Tubing has used various Coil Solutions Downhole Tools on several jobs, including the Hydraulic Disconnect, Rotating Wash Tool, Motorhead Assembly, Jars, Extended Reach Tool, Milling Magnet and Connectors to mention a few. I am very pleased with all of the tools' overall performance and will continue purchase and rent tools from Coil Solutions Inc. I would not hesitate to recommend Coil Solutions Inc. and their DHT line up to any Oil & Gas company looking to purchase or rent DHTs.

Mike Lajeunesse

Mothers Thru-Tubing Services