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History of the Coil Tubing Injector

The chronology of modern-day steel CT (Coil Tubing) technology development appears to begin in the early 1950s with U.S. Patent 2,567,009, “Equipment for Inserting Small Flexible Tubing into High Pressure Wells,” awarded to George H. Calhoun and Herbert Allen on 4 September 1951. The fundamental concepts developed and claimed by Calhoun and Allen served as the basis for the vertical, … Read More

10 Things To Check Daily on your Coil Tubing Injector to Avoid Costly Repairs & Downtime

10 Things to Check Daily on your Coil Tubing Injector to Avoid Costly Repairs & Downtime Pan & Surrounding Area Inspect pan for foreign debris including but not limited to: r-clips, steel shavings, cotter pins & gripper block bolts Oil Levels Check gearbox lubricant levels, should be ¾ of the way up site glass Lubrication Check to ensure lubrication system … Read More

Coil Tubing Injectors 101

A coil tubing injector is a critical piece of equipment used to provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve the coil tubing in and out of the well for interventions in oil and gas wells and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells. The coil tubing injector has an arch (gooseneck) which purpose is to guide the … Read More

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