Coil Tubing Injectors 101

by coilsolutionsAugust 28, 2015Posted in: Coil Tubing Injectors

A coil tubing injector is a critical piece of equipment used to provide the surface drive force to run and retrieve the coil tubing in and out of the well for interventions in oil and gas wells and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells.

The coil tubing injector has an arch (gooseneck) which purpose is to guide the coil into the body of the injector.

The key functions of the coil tubing injector are:

  1. Provide the thrust required to snub the tubing into the well against surface pressure and/or to overcome wellbore friction forces
  2. Control the rate of lowering the tubing into the well under various well conditions
  3. Support the full weight of the tubing and accelerate it to operating speed when extracting it from the well

Oil and Gas Service companies looking to purchase coil tubing injectors have to take many things in to account when “shopping” for coil tubing injectors. Above and beyond the always important purchase price and delivery time frame of the injector, these other critical factors should always be compared from one coil tubing injector manufacturer to another:

  1. Parts availability and service
  2. Operator training availability
  3. Coil tubing injector longevity
  4. High snubbing at low pressure
  5. Ease of repair for reduced downtime
  6. Coil tubing injector weight
  7. Time between major maintenance requirements
  8. Coil damage
  9. Maintenance costs
  10. What strippers or coil tubing unit can coil tubing injector be used with

In this ever competitive global oil and gas industry, especially with the current economy; more and more companies are looking for proven, quality equipment with the most benefits to their operations not just for today but for years down the road.

Coil Solutions is pleased to offer coil tubing injectors to meet all current and future operation requirements, and as always is happy to work with our customers on any custom requirements they may need.

With over 100+ Coil Tubing Injectors in the field worldwide, reaching depths of over 1,000,000+ meters before requiring major service; a Coil Solutions Coil Tubing Injector is the choice of many companies worldwide. Contact us today for more information on our Coil Tubing Injectors or any of our other quality equipment and tools we design and manufacture for the World Oil and Gas Market.

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Coil Tubing Injectors 101


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