Purchasing equipment and tools is just the first step in your operation.  From there proper operator training & maintenance of equipment and tools is a must.  Coil Solutions will be there every step of the way to ensure these crucial needs are met.

In addition to the equipment and tools we already design, our in house design team would be happy to work with you to create a new tool or modify an existing design.

Coil Solutions is also pleased to offer COILCERT to our valued customers.  COILCERT is Coil Solutions online asset management database exclusively for our inspection and recertification customers.

Don’t let your busy operations schedule hamper a proper maintenance program.  Coil Solutions offers maintenance programs for all of your equipment to keep it running smoothly.

Having your operator confident in the use of your newest asset is our goal.  Coil Solutions is pleased to provide operator training as part of our solutions program.

Does your organization require a unique piece of equipment or DHT for a project but is lacking design expertise? Coil Solutions can help!

Secured by log-in and password, our customers can now access collected data , along with inspection and recertification reports online from our database.

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