Proper and routine maintenance of oilfield equipment ensures that you receive the maximum life from your assets.  In the event of equipment failure, it’s paramount to understand why it happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

Coil Solutions is committed to providing our customers with service and maintenance solutions not only for the product we manufacture, but also on a variety of other oilfield equipment as well.

Coil Solutions offers complete CAODC Level IV Mast Inspection & Repair per industry standards.

Coil Solutions offers solutions for the maintenance, service & recertification of your equipment where applicable.

Inspection and recertification services for all high pressure surface piping that is used in pressure pumping operations.

When working with pressure equipment of any kind, ensuring it is operating safely at all times is a primary concern for today’s Wireline Industry.

Coil Solutions provides Failure Analysis and Repair Services for various equipment to get you back up and operating.

Injector service is key in ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Coil Solutions provides service for all models of injectors.

Providing inspection services and re-dress for many types of downhole tools at the customers standards and frequency.

Experts from Coil Solutions can be mobilized to our customers facilities or field locations, 24/7; 365 days a year.

Implement an inspection schedule to keep your Coil Tubing Pressure Equipment working safely.

Retrofitting your current Stewart and Stevenson Injector in to a Coil Solutions Injector will provide your organization with many benefits.

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