Conventional Units

Coil Solutions Conventional Coil Tubing Units are built with the best components available and utilizes state of the art preventative maintenance products such as earth magnets on all fluid components as an example.  For more information please contact our sales team today.


  • Efficient, versatile and capable of delivering virtually any coiled tubing operation at shallow, medium and deep depths
  • Each self-contained unit can be rigged-up quickly, thereby reducing time on location
  • Replaceable work reels provide the ability to utilize multiple tubing sizes and lengths in minimal time and permit travel during road bans

Sales Locations

Calgary, Alberta Canada
3024 49th Ave SE T2B 2X4
PH: 403-235-0178

Alice, Texas USA
1465 S. Flournoy Road 78332
PH: 361-444-0058

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