DEROTTO works with banks, credit unions and private lenders to find the best possible equipment financing for your business.

DEROTTO Leasing is experienced in:

  •         A, B & C credit
  •         Competitive lease pricing
  •         Tailored leases, such as skip payments and modified payment streams
  •         Equipment refinancing
  •         Lease buybacks of equipment you already own to generate cash flow for your business
  •         Start-ups and new businesses
  •         Financing for new and used equipment
  •         Vendor sales and private sales
  •         US transactions


Equipment is a very broad term and includes the following, but not limited to:

  •         New or used equipment
  •         CRA financing
  •         Vehicles
  •         Trucks, Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Light Equipment, etc.
  •         HVACs
  •         Electrical Upgrades
  •         Engine repairs
  •         Hardware
  •         Installation fees
  •         And much more


Any questions please contact me.
All the best,
Darryl Otteson
Phone : (855) 337-6886 ext 1
Fax: (778) 436-2709

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