High Pressure Iron (HPI) Inspection & Recertification 101

High Pressure Iron (HPI) Inspection & Recertification 101

Coil Solutions provides inspections and recertification for all high pressure surface piping that is used in pressure pumping operations.

Examples of these applications are fracing, fluid pumping, nitrogen pumping, productions testing (flow back) and cementing. All work is preformed to IRP 8 and IRP 4 standards.

The published minimum requirement is a Level 1 inspection annually. Customers may choose to have a Level 2 or 3 inspection done to provide additional confidence in equipment safety.

Coil Solutions processes ensure a customer’s High Pressure Iron (HPI) equipment is free of flaws, damages, defects, or excessive wear that would render the equipment out of conformance and unsafe for use under high pressure and/or it’s intended application.

As an added service for all High Pressure Iron (HPI) customers, all of your inspection reports are saved online on CoilCert, Coil Solutions online asset management database exclusively for our Inspection and Recertification customers.

Secured by log-in and password our customers can now access collected data, along with inspection and recertification reports online from our database.

Coil Solutions wants all of our inspection and recertification customers to reap the benefits of improved safety, maximized asset use and minimized maintenance costs from CoilCert.

CoilCert can be accessed anywhere our customers have an internet connection and allows for the export of data into Excel and other formats, in the event that further customer analysis is required.

Coil Solutions is excited to provide all these asset maximizing benefits to our customer through CoilCert and look forward to providing immediate benefits.

Coil Solutions also provides in house sandblasting and painting with industrial enamel or Endura Paint.

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