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Our Story

We opened our first facility in Redcliff in 2007 in order to bring a higher level of service to the oil & gas service companies that are the backbone of the Alberta economy. In 2010 we opened our second facility in Calgary and in 2012 have had to move to a new facility with 21,300 sq/ft of space as we out grew the 7000 sq/ft facility we had within two years. We now have over 40,000 sq/ft of manufacturing space in Calgary. In order to maintain a high level of service we have also expanded our services to include downhole frac tools and custom tool design specifically for the horizontal drilling and stimulation sectors.

In 2011 we expanded our operation to Alice, Texas where we introduced our downhole tools and also started a line of wire-line & fishing tools, along with our full service shop for high pressure iron & wellhead control inspection service. In 2012 we introduced our own line of coil tubing injectors to the South Texas market with great success. The core components of this product fit into the same envelope as a very popular design which gives us an instant market of 1000’s of injectors which we can retrofit to our design. This allows us to offer a longer running life without major repairs thereby reducing the customers overall costs. Building on our success with the injectors & downhole tools, we added our line of coil tubing units and pumping equipment to our core offerings in 2014.

Coil Solutions and it’s team of dedicated employees will strive to put the customers’ needs as the highest priority above all else. But be assured we will not compromise safety for expedience.

Critical Success Factors – In most cases, a few critical factors make or break a product. For Coil Solutions those factors are product quality and customer service. Coil Solutions sets its standards high and we ensure that our products meet or exceed the highest standards by following our ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Our quality program starts with the design process where we gather information regarding the tools or equipment parameters the customer requires for certain operations. From there we go to the engineering and drafting of the product. We then make a prototype, which we put through rigorous testing to make sure it does what the customer requires (proof testing).

Once the prototype is proven in our research facility it is then sent out for the customer to use on trial basis in actual real time jobs for further analysis to make sure it does work and that it is robust enough to stand up to the service application.

We strive for reliability, dependability, wear ability, and longevity. Coil Solutions continues to look for ways to improve existing tools, new tools and service on these three parameters to make our products the best they can be. As for customer service our operational “motto” to service is: If the phone rings – “answer it” If the customer comes into our office with a request – “address it” If you say you can complete a repair, inspection or a new product at a certain time then you must do everything in your power to make that happen.

Our approach to customer service is that every customer that comes to Coil Solutions is the most important customer we have. It does not matter if they spend one dollar or a million dollars. The reason for this is that we believe the one-dollar customer may turn into a million dollar customer over time. Basically treat everyone we deal with, with respect – customers, vendors, employees and treat all customer requests with urgency. These are the core beliefs we try to instill in all of our employees at every location where the company operates. We believe that by following these principles we can grow the company to success in any market area in the world.

As the Oil & Gas Industry evolves, Coil Solutions continues to expand our R&D Program as the industry requires. Downhole tools are ever changing to meet the challenges of the industry and in order to get on top in the downhole tool market we need to be on the leading edge of this change. Increasingly harsh drilling conditions such as high pressures and temperatures, along with demand for complex horizontal drilling are likely to continue to drive spending on R&D. Like downhole tools we also are doing R&D on the surface equipment used to take these tools in and out of the wells, we believe there is a safer and more efficient way to handle this process and are working on a better solution to your Coil & pumping equipment needs.

Coil Solutions is proud to be a Oil & Gas Equipment and Downhole Tool Manufacturer for customers worldwide in this ever changing industry.


As our motto states, we are Built on Quality & Driven by Service and the management and staff at Coil Solutions Inc. strive to live up to that commitment.

Mission Statement

Coil Solutions Inc. aims to be the best service company in the oil and gas industry.

Clients can expect custom solutions supported by quality, integrity and excellence in everything we do.

Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through the exceptional performance of our team.

Vision Statement

To Be a:

Customers’ preferred supplier.

Strong and sound company for our stakeholders.

Innovative company and an extraordinary place to work.

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