Get To Know Your Coil Solutions Professionals

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Get To Know Your Coil Solutions Professionals:

Clint – Service Manager – 3+ years with Coil Solutions Inc. – Calgary, AB

Bringing almost 20 years of various O&G experience to the table, Clint is the Coil Solutions Inc. Canada Service Manager. Starting out as a roughneck on a service rig in 1997, Clint quickly moved through the ranks of Derrikhand, Driller then Rig Manager on Service Rigs.

Following that, Clint began as a CT Operator on CTU’s before becoming a CTU Rig Manager.

After 15 years in the field, and offers from various companies to remain in the field; Clint was looking to change things up a bit. After hearing about Coil Solutions Inc. Injectors, Clint contacted Cecil Hassard directly to inquire more about our Injectors and Operations.  After meeting with Cecil and taking a tour of our Calgary, AB facility; Clint came on board as an Injector Mechanic in 2013.  After 2 short years, Clint then became our Service Manager in 2015 where he remains today taking pride in every new build and service job he oversees and works on.

Below is a little information from our Q&A session:

Q: What made you want to come work with Coil Solutions?

A: I had recently heard about Coil Solutions and was very interested in the Injectors and Company as a whole. I wanted to leave the rigs, but only if I found a company and environment with quality product that I could see myself staying with for years to come and with room for advancement.

Q: What is something about working at Coil Solutions you enjoy the most in your time here?

A: The approachability and camaraderie of all the staff and management. No matter what the task at hand, everyone comes together to find a solution.

Q: What is the scariest moment you recall from working on the rigs?

A: We were tripping sucker rods on a service rig and the brake linkage broke, then the blocks fell about 5 feet before I was able to get to the crown saver. The blocks only stopped about 6 feet above the rig floor below where two guys were working.  Upon a complete internal safety audit, it was determined the incident was caused by a manufacturers defect in the brake linkage that was not visible in any way from a visual inspection.

Q: What did you take away from this incident?

A: Safety safety safety! Your safety equipment must always be working and all inspections and procedures always completed to ensure so or someone can die.  Had the crown saver not been in perfect operational condition at that exact moment of incident, there would have been 2 fatalities on the rig floor that day and possibly myself as a 3rd fatality.

Q: I could not agree more on safety! Now let’s lighten things up a bit for fun.  Tell me a little about Clint outside work, family life; what you like to do for fun etc.

A: Well I’m dad to 4 amazing kids and Lisa is my wonderful and patient partner. My favorite thing to do with Lisa and the kids is camping all around.  But anything outdoors is tops on my list…hunting, hockey, baseball; anything outside at all.  And of course working on Steve (my Isuzu Rodeo).

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Get To Know Your Coil Solutions Professionals


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