Welcome to Coil Solutions Inc

Coil Solutions is a global industry leader in coiled tubing solutions and downhole tools.  We pride ourselves on quality and innovation, offering next-generation intervention and stimulation solutions including some of the most advanced injectors and downhole tool technology available.

About Us

Who We Are

Coil Solutions Inc has been in business since 2007. We now have 4 facilities in Canada and 2 in Texas, USA, and employ over 150 employees. We are a leading supplier of service equipment and downhole tools across local and international markets.  We build on the varied expertise and practical experience of our employees to offer our clients practical, cost-efficient and tailored solutions. Excellent service is at the centre of everything we do.  Our overriding aim is to help our customers achieve success.

Our Facilities

Our Calgary, Alberta (Canada) headquarters offers 104,689 sq ft of manufacturing space with 22 working bays, 11.77 acres of yard space and state of the art machinery. From here, we design & manufacture well intervention & stimulation equipment. This includes downhole tools (including state of the art sonic stimulation technology) and coil tubing injectors. Our services include downhole frac tools and custom tool design for the horizontal drilling and stimulation sectors, as well as full-service shops for high-pressure iron and wellhead control inspection services in the USA locations.

Coil Solutions Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, AB
Coil Solutions Red Deer, Alberta
Red Deer, AB
Coil Solutions Alice, Texas
Alice, TX

Why Buy From Us?

We believe what sets us apart from our competitors is that we place our customers’ needs at the centre of our service. All our quality-built equipment is manufactured with the end-user in mind. Our philosophy is that we are in partnership with you as our customer and therefore have a vested interest in your success. We want you to think of us as your technical support department.

Our products are designed for safety and reliability and are very maintenance and service-friendly. Our goal is to help you to use and maintain your equipment in the safest, most efficient way. We are always available to assess and coach your employees on proper operation and maintenance of your equipment. We also offer on-site operational training, maintenance training and troubleshooting training for all equipment we manufacture.

The flat structure of our company allows us to be nimble and react to customer requests much faster than some of the large OEMs that usually have long customer service processes in place. Our structure allows us to manufacture a wide variety of equipment in a very short time. When our customers receive our equipment, they are impressed to find that it has been manufactured with unparalleled quality, in an efficient turnaround time.



Our motto is “Built on Quality and Driven by Service”. We strive to live up to that commitment in everything we do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best service company in the oil and gas industry.

Clients can expect custom solutions supported by quality, integrity and excellence in everything we do.

Vision Statement

To be:

  • A customer’s preferred supplier.
  • A strong and sound company for our stakeholders.
  • An innovative company and an extraordinary place to work.

What We Do

Re-conditioning and Re-certification (USA)

We will perform a complete inspection and overhaul to confirm and document that the equipment and properties are within the specified acceptance criteria. Our services include a tracking database that contains all test information and documentation available to our customers. Learn More 

Coiled Tubing Injectors

From a Coiled Tubing Reel to a complete Masted Unit, fitted with a Coiled Tubing Injector and Arch. Coil Solutions has all the Coil Tubing Equipment you require, to manoeuvre your company to the forefront of your industry. Learn More 

Downhole Tools

Whether you are doing a simple clean out, or going into a complex, high temp. well, Coil Solutions has a complete line up of quality proven Downhole Tools, that will be sure to help even the most difficult jobs run smoothly. Learn More 

Inspection and Repair

Keep your investments in top notch condition, with regular service and maintenance. Coil Solutions offers Downhole Tool Inspections, Coil Tubing Injector Service & Retrofits, along with linked service contracts. Learn More 


Our goal is to help you to use and maintain your equipment in the safest, most efficient way. We are always available to assess and coach your staff on proper operation and maintenance of your equipment. We also offer on-site operator training. Learn More 

Custom Design

Does your business need a unique piece of equipment or DHT for a project, but is lacking design expertise? Coil Solutions can help! Learn More 

R&D / Innovation

As the Oil & Gas Industry evolves, Coil Solutions continues to expand our R&D Program, to help our clients meet new demands and make our products the best they can be. Learn More